Classes begin Tuesday, May 2


Reset - Pastor Eric Harris

When life has you locked up, overloaded & unproductive you may need a "Reset" to get back to the creators setting for your life. 


Leaving yesterday behind - Brandi Standfield & Demita

For those who are stuck in the past - past hurts, experiences, and unable to move forward and enjoy today. You may need to learn how to "leave yesterday behind". 


In pursuit of purpose - Lady Miranda and LaJuana

Everything God created has a purpose. You are not a mistake and God has a plan for your life. If you are in search of your Why, "In pursuit of purpose" is for you. 


The Challenge - Min. Mack & Jerreka V. Pippen

Sunday morning study group that bridge the gap of real world situations and how we the Church deal with them according to the Word. Meeting the Challenge. 


Generation Next - Monica Roberts

Preparing our next generation Now. We don't have time to wait, our seed (children) must be watered now. Helping them face life issues in real-time. (School age students) 

Nursery school will also be provided.