Living to Worship God. Living to Love People. Living to Make a Difference.

We are a ministry that focuses on living to love people, living to worship God and living to make a difference. We are a ministry that depends on the leading of Holy Spirit to direct our path. We believe and know that an understanding of God's Word is necessary for the changing of one’s life. Therefore we are committed to the teaching and preaching of Gods inerrant and Holy Word.

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Service Times

Sunday Worship


Tuesday Night


Thursday Prayer Call

Dial: (605) 313-4821 Code: 283631

328 Robison Drive
Birmingham, AL

Need Pastoral Care?

We are here for you. Whether you need prayer or a visit from one of our team members, we're here for you.

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Our Mission

Our mission is impacting and making a difference in the world by transforming and empowering lives through teaching and training through the word of God.

Our Vision

Agape Worship Ministries exist to realize and establish a community of believers focused on worshiping God, loving people and making a difference. Our emphasis is on reaching and transforming the lost, building families, training leaders, and developing educational opportunities.

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